Online dance classes due to tier 4 COVID restrictions

Online classes tier 4

We hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Whilst we’d love to see you all back in the studio, our region’s move into Tier 4 of COVID restrictions means that until further notice, our dance studio is closed for in-person classes.


As we did during previous lockdowns, we’ll be running a full schedule of online classes in line with our usual timetable*, so our dancers can continue learning, have fun, keep fit and stay connected with their dance teachers and dance friends.


Miss Susan will be sending the Zoom codes out to you for her classes. The codes for both Luke and Miss Stephanie’s classes remain the same as before. If you don’t receive a code for your/your child’s class, please send us a message.

We hope you’ll join us for our online classes. They’re a great way to maintain routine as well as keep the learning and exercise going through lockdown.

We can’t wait for the day when we can get back to dancing in the studio once again, but until then, stay safe and thank you for your continued support xxxx


*Acro classes will focus on strengthening, stretching and conditioning as our usual class content is obviously not suitable for home!


About Zoom
Before class, you need to download the Zoom app or go to Zoom in your browser on your computer. Once you’ve done this, the easiest way to access your class is to just click on your live class link and it should open you up into the correct class.

Your Zoom control panel
Generally, all participants will be muted (which is so you can hear Susan or Kimberley). During the class if we open up for questions, you will have the option to unmute and share your video. You can control your microphone by clicking on the microphone button on your control panel. If it’s green, it’s on! We can hear you. If you see it’s black and has a red slash through it, it’s muted. On the app, this is at the bottom in the left hand corner. You have the option to share your video too, by clicking on the video camera. It would be very valuable to our teachers to be able to see your child dance whilst teaching, just like in class!

This is all very new, not just to you but to our teachers too. So please bear with us if we experience any kinks. It is important to Susan to try and keep some of the children’s normal lives intact while we navigate this crazy situation. They can all still see their dance friends and have some interaction with what they are used to.

Class fees
With the introduction of this online class timetable, we hope you’ll continue your direct debits payment so we can keep our staff and keep the business running until we’re all back on our feet in the dance studio. However we understand that during this time, some families may be struggling. If you find yourself not being able to afford to continue, please do contact us so we can work something out.  Our dance family is so important to us and we’re really grateful for all your support and patience during this time.

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  1. Michelle Tyack says:

    My daughter is 5, what classes can you recommend i think she may enjoy street dance tbh, what days are they on at the moment ? Thanks

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