Back in the studio from Dec 2nd – Note temporary venue change for Acro & Street

SK Dance studio teacher

As we approach the end of the November Coronavirus national lockdown, we’re really looking forward to resuming classes in the studio. However, the current rules mean we can only resume studio classes for children and students at this time. Adult classes will remain on Zoom until further notice.


Studio classes for children and students will resume at The Vale, with the exception of ACRO and STREET classes on Wednesdays which will run at Shevington Youth Club, just until the end of this term.

Until the dates below, classes will continue on Zoom.


  • Wednesday Acro & Street resume at Shevington Youth Club on 2nd Dec
  • Friday Mummy & Me returns to The Vale Studio on 4th Dec
  • All Saturday classes return to The Vale Studio on 5th Dec
  • All Tuesday ballet classes return to The Vale Studio on 8th Dec
  • Tuesday student classes return to The Vale Studio on 8th Dec

Big thanks to all our wonderful SK Dancers and teachers for taking part in our Zoom classes. Your commitment and professionalism impresses us always.

We’re really looking forward to dancing together once again, but until then, please drop us a line if you have any questions. As you’d expect, our Covid safety measures remain in place as below.

Susan x

Important safety processes

Drop off & pick up
To keep numbers in the building to a minimum, please drop off and collect your child after class. We understand that parents of younger children will prefer to wait and this is absolutely fine, but only on adult per child please. Social distancing should be observed whilst you wait.

One way in and out
Please enter the waiting room via the usual door (round the back of the hall). Children should enter the studio via the internal door. After class, children will leave via the external studio door, where they should be collected. Please note that this area is not covered, so you may need to bring a brolly in bad weather!

Hand hygiene & masks
Hands must be sanitised using the products provided when you enter the building. Dancers need not wear masks, though parents & guardians using the waiting room should wear a mask at all times.

Kitchen & changing room closed
Kitchen facilities will not be accessible, so please ensure dancers and those waiting bring their own drinks. Dancers should come ready for class as the changing room will not be open.

Studio cleaning
The dance studio will be cleaned after each class when floor, barres and any other equipment used will be wiped down. To give time for cleaning, your class will be shorter than usual (i.e one hour classes will be 50 mins). We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Studio spacing for dancers
Our studio is equipped with free standing barres, which means we can configure them to ensure maximum distance between dancers when working at the barre. For centre work, the studio floor has been marked out into two metre squares and younger dancers will be encouraged to stay within them. Older dancers can use the squares to help maintain a 2m distance as they use more of the floor.


  1. SK Dancer says:

    Hi Natalie. Thanks for your note. As we have moved back into lockdown, our classes are running online right now. It may be best to wait until we are back in the studio so your daughter gets a proper experience of the class, but of course at that point, you’re more than welcome to come along and try a class. If you keep your eye of our Facebook page, we’ll announce our studio re-opening dates as soon as we’re able.

  2. Natalie Hayes says:

    My daughter is looking for an Acro and dance group. Do you have any availability for a tester?

    Many thanks
    Natalie Hayes

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