Acro dancers blend athleticism, grace, flexibility and artistry to perfection

Taught by a specialist Acro teacher

Acro classes for children at SK Dance Studio, Wigan

We’ve been offering Acro classes since April 2015 and since that very first lesson, the class has been hugely popular – and no wonder given the fun that goes on!

SK Dance Studio’s Acro classes are fun and exciting for kids of all ages. As the name suggests, Acro is a style of dance which fuses together classical dance moves with acrobatic work. And the result? An awe-inspiring dance style that demonstrates both beauty and strength.

Acro isn’t gymnastics – though there are some loose similarities. Instead, Acro takes acrobatic elements and works them into dance choreography.

Acro will build flexibility, strength, artistry, performance quality and of course helps to build confidence. SK Dance Studio’s Acro classes are taught by our specialist, fully qualified teacher, who has bags of experience in this exciting and dynamic genre of dance.

Acrobatic Arts Acro classes for kids at SK Dance Studio, Appley Bridge, Wigan

Acro classes at SK Dance Studio – Why not take our Street Dance class too? It runs back-to-back with our Acro class.

Check our timetable for Acro class times.

Acrobatic Arts Acro classes at SK Dance Studio, Appley Bridge, Wigan

So what’s Acro? Think Cirque du Soleil or Acro Army from America’s Got Talent.  Acro is great for all-round flexibility, core strength and learning the flips and tricks that will wow in any performance.

SK Dance Studio offers two Acro classes which cater for different age groups and abilities.  Our junior Acro class is ideal for younger children aged four to around nine years old, whilst our senior Acro class caters for older children aged around ten and upwards.

Our Acro classes are very popular and due to the nature of the class, are strictly limited in terms of class size. To avoid disappointment, we recommend contacting us to check whether a place is available before coming along to your first Acro session.

Children should wear a leotard or close fitting leggings and t-shirt, and ensure hair is neatly tied back.  No dance shoes are required for Acro – we work in bare feet.  Crash mats are all provided.

Acrobatic Arts Acro classes for kids at SK Dance Studio, Appley Bridge, Wigan