Beginners and advanced adult tap dancing classes in Shevington, Wigan

Live in Wigan and looking for a fun way to keep fit and burn calories? Then adult tap dancing at SK Dance Studio is for you.

It’s never too late to learn a new skill, and tap dancing is a great alternative to the aerobics class for improving general fitness and burning calories.  Not only is it a good cardio workout that’ll really get you moving, but it’s also really good fun and gives a massive sense of achievement when you master a new step, or get to grips with a new routine.

Beginners & improvers’ adult tap dancing class:

Our beginner’s class is suitable for both absolute beginners and those developing their tap dancing skills. Working at your own pace, you’ll soon build up a good range of steps which are weaved into fun routines, giving you an opportunity to use what you’ve learned.

Adult Tap Class at SK Dance Studio perform "Boogie Woogie Budle Boy"

Advanced adult tap dancing class:

For adult tap dancers that are more experienced, try our advanced tapper’s class that’s designed to really hone your tap dancing style. You’ll tackle more complicated amalgamations and learn routines that are accompanied by a wide range of music.  Including everything from the classic broadway-inspired big tap numbers, to fast and furious modern tap set to pop music, there’s lots of variety to keep you interested as you advance.

"Adult Tap" show dance from SK Dance Studio's "Winter Wonderland" show

Adult tap classes are suitable for both men and women and because you can set your own impact level, they’re also suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Adult tap at SK Dance Studio is all about fitness and fun, so feel free to come along and try out a class at any time.

Adult tap dancing classes are held every Tuesday evening at SK Dance Studio, Shevington, Wigan. See our timetable for the most appropriate tap class for you.