From beginners to more experienced dancers, we’ve an adult ballet class to suit

Adult ballet classes in Shevington, Wigan

At SK Dance Studio, our dance classes aren’t just for kids. We also offer a range of dance classes for adults, including our popular adult ballet classes.

Perhaps you’ve danced in the past and have longed to return to the barre, or maybe you’ve always fancied learning ballet, but are daunted by the prospect of joining an established class. Whatever your circumstances, why not come along and try a friendly adult ballet class at SK Dance Studio?

Regardless of your previous ballet experience or level of fitness, you’ll find SK Dance Studio’s adult ballet classes are challenging, yet really enjoyable for both men and women.

Adult ballet classes for men and women at SK Dance Studio Wigan

Choose from two adult ballet classes: “Beginners & Improvers” or “Advanced”

Adult Ballet for Beginners and Improvers: As the name suggests, this class is suitable both for adults who are just starting out, and those who are gaining in ability and keen to hone the finer details of their ballet technique. People with different abilities all dance together to the same pieces of music during this class, but the work has options to suit everyone. Everyone works at their own level, so they get exactly what they want from the class.

Adult Ballet for Advanced ballet dancers: Whilst the emphasis is still on dancing for enjoyment and fitness, this class is aimed at more experienced dancers who are confident both at the barre and in the centre. Dancers will tackle more complex exercises and enchainment, which help to build both technique and performance quality.

Ballet for Men: Read Ben’s Story “I’ve built more power, strength, flexibility and fitness than ever before by adding a weekly ballet class to my established gym and running programme. I thought I was already pretty fit, but ballet added a new dimension that used muscles I didn’t even know I had!” Click here to read Ben’s story in full.

Adult ballet for men and women at SK Dance Studio Wigan

Adult ballet classes are great for fitness, toning and strength

Adult ballet classes at SK Dance Studio are suitable for both men and women, and are superb exercise.  Adult ballet offers an all over body workout, with the added benefits of improving body tone, building strength and stamina, and increasing your general flexibility.

Ballet is great for improving posture too, and you’ll soon find yourself thinking about walking ‘taller’. Through a programme of barre work and centre practise, you’ll develop your ballet technique and work on a wide range of steps that you’ll use in dances and enchainment set to beautiful music. In our opinion, there’s no more enjoyable way to work-out than taking a ballet class!

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“I love SK Dance Studio’s adult ballet classes. A great mix of really lovely people with all kinds of different dance experience come along, from absolute novices, to those who’ve danced all their lives. We have guys and ladies both young and older – everyone is made to feel really welcome. Ballet is the most gorgeous way to work out. It’s physically and mentally demanding and you really work up a sweat in class, but it’s good for the soul too, with it’s uplifting music, beauty and poise. Ballet is so much more rewarding than spending a soulless hour at the gym!” Nichola – Adult ballet class regular.