Our baby ballet and tap classes are the perfect introduction to dance for walking babies, toddlers and pre-school children

Three different classes to match each stage of your child’s development

SK Ballet Babies for walkers through to four year old pre-schoolers

Our baby ballet classes are designed for toddlers and pre-school aged children who just love to dance to music. Boys and girls are welcome to bring along their favourite bear, doll or toy to join in the fun too.

We have three great classes to choose from, with each perfectly matched to the different stages of your child’s development…

STAGE 1: Mummy & Me Ballet classes for walking babies and 2 year old toddlers: From the moment they’re steady on their legs, your little one can join our Mummy & Me baby ballet class.  As the name suggests, parents stay in the room and join in the fun too. This class is a great way to introduce your child to the joys of ballet dancing, giving them the comfort of your hand to hold if they need it.  Mummy & Me baby ballet classes are ideal for children up to and including 2 years old.

STAGE 2: The next step – Advanced baby ballet classes for 3 year olds: So now you’re a little older and have grown in confidence, it’s time to spread your fairy wings and move on to our advanced baby ballet class.  Here, older toddlers dance on their own, enjoying age-appropriate ballet dancing activities to help really engage them through dance, music, imagination and fun.  Our advanced baby ballet classes are ideal for older toddlers aged 3 years old.

STAGE 3: Progression – Pre-school ballet classes for 4 year olds: You’re now aged four and almost ready for ‘big school’, which means you’re eager to learn more now! Our stage 3 class for four year olds who haven’t yet started school is designed to gently challenge and build on the ballet basics they’ve learned so far. In a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, little ones are prepared to join our main school by expanding both their ballet knowledge and developing their understanding of rhythm, timing, movement and ballet terminology. It’s still brilliant fun of course, with class content designed for maximum engagement.

Baby ballet classes for pre-school children at SK Dance Studio Wigan
Like all our classes, we take care to teach proper, safe technique right from the start and class sizes are limited to make sure each child gets the focus and attention they need to develop.  SK Ballet Babies is a great way to get your toddlers and pre-school aged children interested in a really rewarding and captivating activity that will keep on growing with them as they get older.  Your little ones learn the basics of ballet, hear ballet terms in both English and French and have lots of fun!

Tiny Tappers tap class for 3 and 4 year olds at SK Dance Studio Wigan

SK Tiny Tappers for 3 and 4 year old pre-school aged children

The perfect partner to our Ballet Babies class, Tiny Tappers is a toddler tap dancing class especially designed for pre-school aged children.

Tiny Tappers is a fantastically fun rhythm-based dance session designed to develop your child’s rhythm, balance, coordination and confidence. Percussive dance styles like tap dancing are really engaging for little ones.

Boys and girls will love hearing the sounds their tap shoes make on the dance-floor, whilst burning off some energy and learning how to tap in time to the music. SK Tiny Tappers is the ideal first tap dancing class for your little Fred or Ginger!  SK Dance Studio has always been recognised for it’s high quality tap teaching and for us, that starts even with our youngest dancers.  Real steps, real tap, right from the start.

With tap shoes available for just £10 from SK Dance Studio, SK Tiny Tappers is fast and fun, so come along to SK Dance Studio, Shevington, Wigan and try out class.

You can choose our Friday morning Ballet Babies class, or either of our three Saturday Ballet Babies classes which run either side of our special Tiny Tappers class for the same age group.

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All our baby ballet classes will help your child to develop body awareness, musicality and confidence and at SK Dance Studio, we believe it’s never too early to introduce your child to dance.

Learning left from right in baby ballet class at SK Dance Studio Wigan

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