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Group Photos and Individual Portraits – SK Dance Studio Show 2022

SK Dance Studio ballet dancer
We’re delighted to announce that Dancer’s Lens Photography will be taking the official show photographs this year. Some of you will know Louise – she takes many of the photos we use on our website and social media pages.


Group photographs will be taken on stage during the dress rehearsal on Tuesday 5th July, so it’s really important that full costume, hair, make-up and all accessories are worn.


Louise will also be setting up at The Vale (our main dance studio) for individual or sibling group photographs between 10am and 2pm on Saturday 2nd July. Come along at any time – no appointment needed. Dancers from all class groups are welcome.
For individual or sibling group photos, please wear hair and make-up as you’d like your child(ren) to appear in the photos, though for ballet costumes, we suggest a neat ballet bun.
Photos will be displayed online as soon as possible afterwards so you can decide whether you wish to purchase. There is no obligation to buy.


You can view examples of Dancer’s Lens Photography work on Instagram or Facebook. Just search @dancerslens.  Below are examples of the individual portraits created by Dancer’s Lens at our last show.


Group photos. Available sizes and prices:
  • Size 6 x 4 print – £4 each
  • Size 7 x 5 print – £6 each
  • Size 8 x 6 print – £10 each
  • Size 10 x 8 print – £15 each
  • Digital images – £10 each
Individual portrait photos. Available sizes and prices:
  • Size 7 x 5 print – £8 each
  • Size 8 x 6 print – £12 each
  • Size 10 x 8 print – £20 each
  • Digital images – £15 each
  • Larger prints and canvas – Please ask

All photos are printed to order.  Orders will be collected after the show. See noticeboard for details.

SK Dance Studio Tap Dancer

SK Dance Studio Ballet Dancer

SK Dance Studio Ballerina

SK Dance Studio ballet dancer

SK Dance Studio presents “The Greatest Show” – Rehearsal schedule

SK Dance Studio presents Greatest Show Logo

We’re super excited to tell you about our upcoming SK Dance Studio whole school dance show – entitled “The Greatest Show”.

All our dancers have been working really hard to prepare a stunning showcase of dazzling dance numbers for your enjoyment.  There’ll be something for everyone including high energy tap, beautiful ballet, sassy street dance, toe tapping jazz and modern, gorgeous lyrical and more!  Almost all of our class groups will be taking part, from our pre-school “baby” class which always steals the show, through to our amazing adult tap group.


  • The show will run for two consecutive nights – Friday 13th July and Saturday 14th July 2018.
  • Curtain goes up at 7pm.  Dancers should arrive at the theatre by 6pm.


  • Preston Playhouse Theatre (Market St West, PR1 2HB)


  • Tickets are available to buy online via Stage Stubs here.

What about rehearsals?

  • We’ve been rehearsing in class and will continue to do so right up until the show. We really appreciate your support in ensuring children attend all classes. This minimises disruption to learning as teachers work on choreography, patterns and placement.
  • There will also be rehearsals at the theatre in Preston throughout the week before the show. It’s compulsory that all pupils attend theatre rehearsals in line with the schedule shown below.

SK Dance Studio 2018 Show rehearsal schedule

SK Dance Studio Show: Information for Parents

Show 2016 info and rehearsal schedule

All our dancers are working really hard in preparation for the SK Dance Studio full school show. Our theme this year is “SK UK: The Great British Dance Tour”, so expect a treat for the eyes and ears as our dancers take you on a trip around Great Britain!

Please attend all classes: As we get closer to the show, it’s really important that dancers attend ALL of their show rehearsals, both those held during class time and those on stage at the theatre.

We’d ask for your support in avoiding absence from classes unless absolutely critical. Susan and Cara’s choreography uses patterns, partner work, group work and a lot of movement around the stage, so a missing dancer makes rehearsals difficult and impacts other dancers in the group.

Thank you in advance for your support with this.

Temporary Pre-Show Saturday Class Timetable starts Sat 21st May

To give dancers more rehearsal time during classes in the run-up to the show, we’ll be running a temporary timetable on Saturdays effective from Sat 21st May until Sat 25th June inclusive.  The temporary timetable is as follows:

  • Babies: 9.30am – 10.30am.  Rehearsing “ Mary Mary” and “Pat-a-Cake”
  • Primaries: 10.30am – 12.00pm.  Rehearsing “ Rubber Ducky” and “Hiking”
  • Juniors: 12.00pm – 1.30pm.  Rehearsing “ Jockeys” and “Night at Museum”
  • Inters Tap: 1.30pm – 2.15pm.  Rehearsing “ Essex Girls”
  • Inters/Seniors: 2.15pm – 3.15pm.  Rehearsing “ Harry Potter” and “London Town”
  • Seniors Tap: 3.15pm – 4.00pm.  Rehearsing “ Billy Elliot”

On-Stage Rehearsal Timetable at Preston Playhouse Theatre

In the week prior to the show, we’ll be holding on-stage rehearsals at the theatre for all dancers involved. It’s really important that dancers attend ALL of their scheduled on-stage rehearsals. It’s where we ensure dancers are familiar with all of their stage entrances and exits, as well as spacing on the stage. It’s really hard for us to do this properly if some dancers are missing. All of the following rehearsals will be at Preston Playhouse Theatre:

Sun 26th Jun
  • Babies: 12pm to 12.45pm
  • Primaries/Juniors: 12.45pm to 3.30pm
  • Acro/Street Pupils: 2.30pm to 3.30pm
  • Inters/Seniors/Students: 3.00pm to 6.00pm
Mon 27th Jun
  • Primaries/Juniors: 4.30pm to 6.00pm
  • Acro/Street Pupils: 5.30pm to 6.30pm
  • Inters/Seniors/Students: 6.30pm to 9.00pm
Tues 28th Jun
  • All dancers – Full dress rehearsal: Arrive by 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start
Wed 29th Jun
  • Students only: 6.00pm to 9.00pm
Thurs 30th Jun
  • All dancers please keep free: Either rest day, extra rehearsal if required, or extra show performance depending on demand for tickets
Fri 1st Jul
  • All dancers – SHOW: Arrive by 6.00pm for a 7.00pm start
Sat 2nd Jul
  • All dancers – SHOW: Arrive by 6.00pm for a 7.00pm start
  • No classes at dancing on this day

Theatre address and parking

There is an NCP car park directly opposite the theatre. The theatre’s address is: Preston Playouse Theatre, Market St West, Preston, PR1 2HB.

Meeting for parents about show: Sat 21st May at either 10.30am or 1.30pm

Want to learn more about what to expect when participating in an SK Dance Show? Then come along to our parent’s meeting in which we’ll cover everything you need to know, plus it’s an opportunity to ask questions.

Buying Tickets

Tickets will be available to buy at dancing from Saturday 4th June onwards.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and for all the support you give to both the school and our dancers as they prepare for their big performance!

SK Dance Studio to star in Opera House Theatre show, Blackpool Winter Gardens

Blackpool Winter Gardens

Susan and the team at SK Dance Studio are thrilled to announce some very exciting news for our dancers…  We’ve been invited by the producers of “Hits of the Musicals” to perform in their 25th anniversary show at the beautiful Opera House Theatre, Blackpool Winter Gardens, host to recent West End shows such as Cats, Mamma Mia, “Joseph” and “Priscilla”.

“I’m really honoured that the producers have invited us to perform again this year, especially given it will be an extra-special programme to celebrate this long running show’s 25th anniversary” said Susan.

“We’ll have to go some to top the dazzling 42nd Street routine that our talented tappers delivered the last time we danced at the Opera House” Susan continued; “Our dancers were so good that we were asked to close the show – they really brought the house down!”.

But as you’d expect from Susan, Cara and the talented SK Dancers, they’re already working on something really special for this year’s performance – a fast and furious Riverdance inspired Irish-style tap that will get the whole audience tapping along.

“Dancing on a huge professional stage like the Opera House Theatre is such a thrill for our young dancers” said Susan.  “Over the years, we’ve performed at some amazing venues including Sadler’s Wells in London and even at Disneyland Paris.  Our dancers always look back on their big stage experiences with such fond memories and I’m so pleased that SK Dance Studio is part of making them”.

All dancers from and including our pre-primary class (10.30am Saturday class) and upwards will be involved.  You’ll find information on costumes, timings below.  Don’t forget, we also have a full dress rehearsal on Sunday 24th April at Shevington Community Centre at 2:00pm to 3.30pm. Click here for details.

Diary Date: Saturday April 30th 2016 – 7pm Performance Time
SK Dance Studio to perform at Opera House Theatre, Blackpool

Format of the day

We’re pleased to confirm we’ve now been given our on-stage rehearsal time-slot for the Blackpool show on Saturday 30th April.  It will be at 6pm. This means we don’t need to leave for Blackpool until 4pm, which gives us time for an extra rehearsal at dancing before we go.  See below for details.

Because of this late rehearsal slot, we won’t get any free time like previous years between the rehearsal and the 7pm show, so children won’t be released to meet parents for dinner. Instead, they will stay backstage with chaperones and eat a pre-packed tea which you’ll need to send with your child.

Transport to and from Blackpool:

  • As in previous years, all those taking part will be required to travel to and from Blackpool on our dancer’s coach.
  • This ensures we’re able to keep everyone safely together as one group, and makes it easier to manage our rehearsal.
  • Every child will have a named chaperone so you know exactly who’s caring for them, but we appreciate that parents who are not chaperones may still wish to travel on the coach with their child. There will be some spare capacity – see below.
  • On arrival at the theatre, children must be left with their named chaperone to go backstage. This is to comply with Health and Safety regulations.
  • Your child will be chaperoned at all times during the whole day.

Format of the day on Saturday 30th April:

  • Extra rehearsal at Shevington Community Centre for all dancers taking part – 11:00am to 1:00pm.
  • This is instead of your usual Saturday dancing class.
  • Coach leaves at 4:00pm from Appley Bridge Village Hall, Appley Lane North
  • Additional coach places are available: Please book your coach places with Susan by Sunday 24th April (we will book 2 coaches if demand for coach travel requires)
  • On arrival at Blackpool dancers will go straight to their dressing room with their chaperone to get ready for the on-stage dress rehearsal at 6pm.
  • Dancers will return to their dressing room after the rehearsal with chaperones and eat a packed tea.
  • Show starts at 7:00pm and will run until approximatley 10:00pm.
  • Chaperones will escort dancers from the theatre to the coach.
  • Parents travelling on the coach with us should meet their children ONLY once safely back on the coach only.  This ensures we can keep all dancers together and account for everyone’s whereabouts.
  • Coach will return to Village Hall at approx 11:30pm where parents should collect their children – we will confirm the exact time on the day.
  • Chaperone list will be available at dancing – see noticeboard. Please note that chaperones won’t be able to watch the performance – they’ll be in charge back-stage!


  • Tickets are sold by the theatre (not by SK Dance Studio).
  • Tickets are £10 each, or £7.50 for concessions.
  • You can buy online now at Ticketmaster (search “Hits Lancashire 25” at Blackpool Opera House). There is a booking fee.
  • Tickets are also available at the theatre box office. It’s a MASSIVE theatre and there’s never been a problem getting tickets on the day in previous years, but it’s your call whether you risk this :-).

What to bring (and not bring!)

  • Please click here to see a full costume, accessories and hair checklist. You’ll also find a picture on this page to show you the hairstyle that is required.
  • Plain elastic hair bobble, green ribbon (Susan to supply) & bobby pins
  • Hairspray
  • Snack & non fizzy drink (water ideally)
  • Packed tea & non fizzy drink (water ideally)
  • Don’t bring any valuable items at all – no jewellery (which cannot be worn for the performance anyway), no phones, no iPads, no iPods etc

We appreciate this is a lot of information to digest, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all.

Thanks for your continued support.  We hope you’re all looking forward to this exciting dance opportunity as much as we are.



SK Dance Studio Show Dates Announced

SKUK - The Great British Dance Tour Show

We’re delighted to announce the dates for our next SK Dance Studio full school dancing show!

We’ll be performing for at least two nights (Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd July 2016) and potentially a third night on Thursday 30th June, so please keep this date free too.

Our show will be held at the lovely Playhouse Theatre in Preston, and our theme is “SK UK – The Great British Dance Tour”. 

As the name suggests, get ready for a celebration of everything British, with rousing music and fabulous costumes as we take our audience on a journey of dance through the British Isles!  We can’t wait to see all our lovely dancers shine on stage, and we’re sure you’ll all feel the same.

On stage rehearsals will be held at Preston Playhouse theatre the week prior to the show, starting on Sunday 26th June when all dancers will be required to attend. Theatre rehearsals will also run after school throughout week commencing Monday 27th June.  Please keep this whole week free and we’ll let you know the dates and times of your child’s rehearsals nearer the time.

Which classes will take part in the show?

This is SK Dance Studio’s full school show, so dancers from ALL classes will be taking part. This includes our Thursday Street dance and Acro students; our fabulous Tiny Tappers group and our Advanced Ballet Babies group (excluding children attending our “Mummy & Me” baby class – though there’s still plenty of time to progress to dancing on your own in our Advanced Ballet Babies class!!).

If your child is interested in taking up an extra class (perhaps adding tap to your Ballet Babies’ class, or joining our Street dance group), then please let Susan know. That’ll be an extra dance in the show!

Rehearsal Dates & Show Timetable For Your Diary:

Please make a note of the following dates in your diary:

Sat 25th Jun Classes as normal at The Vale
Sun 26th Jun Group rehearsal for all pupils at theatre
Mon 27th Jun Rehearsals for individual classes at theatre – dates & times for your class group to be confirmed
Tues 28th Jun Rehearsals for individual classes at theatre – dates & times for your class group to be confirmed
Wed 29th Jun Full dress rehearsal for all pupils at theatre
Thurs 30th Jun Either Rest Day or SHOWTIME (TBC)
Fri 1st Jul SHOWTIME
Sat 2nd Jul SHOWTIME

If you have any questions, grab Susan after class, or contact us for a chat at any time. Until then, here’s to a fabulous show!

Dancing show success with Star Spangled Showtime

SK Dance Studio Star Spangled Showtime

Susan and the SK Dance Studio team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to watch our performance of “Star Spangled Showtime”.

Commenting on USA-inspired show theme, SK Dance Studio Principal Susan Kielb said “Being Friday 4th and Saturday 5th July, the dates of our show this year coincided with American Independence Day. There’s so many fantastic USA inspired dance numbers to choose from that we just couldn’t resist the temptation to go with it”.

The show, which was held at the Preston Playhouse Theatre, was a glittering bonanza of a performance with amazing costumes, uplifting music and of course, fabulous dancing from all our students.

Like all Susan’s shows, every dancer got their big opportunity to really shine on stage and with such an amazing back-catalogue of US themed dance numbers to choose from, there was really something for everyone in the show.

“Our tap numbers got the audience’s feet tapping along with those of the dancers, whilst our modern and street-dance routines gave us the chance to incorporate a range of well known US musical styles into the programme. And for the classical ballet lovers in the audience, our talented ballet students wowed us with a collection of beautiful dances” said Susan.

As well as a huge thank you to everyone who bought tickets, we’d also like to thank all the parents and helpers who supported behind the scenes, providing much appreciated support with everything from costume making, to chaperoning, to making the tea! We couldn’t put on such a great show without all your hard work – and we appreciate it so much.

But the biggest thank you has to go to all our dancers who were amazing, from the littlest tots in our baby classes, through to our students. “You all performed brilliantly” said Susan. “I am so proud of each and every one of you. Huge congratulations!”.

SK Dancers wow at Blackpool Winter Gardens in 42nd Street

SK Dance Studio at Opera House Theatre, Blackpool

On Saturday May 31st 2014, SK Dance Studio took a group of dancers to perform on the huge stage at the 3,000 seater Opera House Theatre in the Winter Gardens complex, Blackpool.

Susan Kielb, principal at SK Dance Studio said “We’re the only dance school in the Wigan area to take part in these prestigious big-theatre productions and are truly honoured to once again have been invited to take part. This fantastic performance opportunity gave our dancers valuable stage experience in one of the largest theatres in the UK. There’s nothing like hearing the thunder of applause from an auditorium of this size to truly inspire dancers and give an enormous sense of achievement”.

SK Dance Studio performed a specially choreographed 42nd Street-inspired routine on the Opera House Theatre Stage, which was packed full of all the razzle, dazzle and explosive tapping that SK Dance is famed for.

We were honoured that the producers asked us to close the show with our routine and it’s safe to say that we brought both the house down and the curtain!  “I was bursting with pride” said Susan after the show. “Each and every dancer tapped their heart out on that stage. They all looked gorgeous in their beautiful broadway-style dresses. Another amazing performance of which everyone should be very proud”.